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You are looking for information about erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence?
Coloplast website has a patient dedicated section to help you understand these pathologies and the treatment options.                                                 

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Since 2006, Porges™ is part of Coloplast group. Porges is conceiving, developing, manufacturing and selling worldwide medical disposable devices for the hospital management of urologic and gynecologic disorders such as urinary stone disease, benign prostate hyperplasia, voiding dysfunctions and urinary incontinence (male and female).  Porges also sells, outside of the USA and Canada, implants for Female Pelvic Floor disorders (urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapses) and other urological male conditions such as male urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.
These devices are developed in close cooperation with surgeons.

Porges provides a comprehensive range of devices products you need for your practice:

• Endo-Urology: a wide range of Dormia® stone extractors and ureteral stents, PCN, balloon dilation catheter, percutaneous nephrostomy kits;                   
Other Urology: all disposable surgical devices required for handling Prostate disorders, from the diagnosis (biopsy) to the treatment (prostatic catheters, bladder evacuator, post operative bags); and also addressing bladder and suprapubic drainage, urethral strictures, voiding dysfunctions, Bladder Outflow Obstruction and other urological conditions;
• Men’s Health: innovative inflatable penile implants (Titan OTR™) or malleable  for treating erectile dysfunction; KiWee™ testicular implants;            
• Female Pelvic Health: slings (Aris™ and others ) and meshes (Novasilk™) to treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapses;
• General Surgery: a wide range of drains and a high quality suction/irrigation device for laparoscopy (Elefant®);                                                                                  
• Urodynamics: a wide range of urodynamics catheters.



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